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       Ballroom dance is taking our nation by storm and re-igniting a passion for this electrifying style of dance. Thrilling audiences worldwide through this unique form of dance is the Utah Ballroom Dance Company (UBDC). This company which features some of nation's top ballroom dance athletes who have performed nationally and internationally receiving numerous accolades and awards such as the coveted U.S. National Formation Championships.


 With more than 100 performances each year, this professional ensemble delights, entertains, and uplifts thousands worldwide.


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-Cha Cha-

A flirtatious dance originating from Cuba with sharp precision movements that emphasize hip and leg action. Counted in 4/4 with numerous syncopated rhythms.



A Brazilian party dance that features continuous body action with strong emphasis on pelvic movement. It is very a flirtatious and fun dance style.  The Samba is basically a 2/4 tempo varied with the conscious use of chorus sung to the sound of palms and batucada rhythm, adding one or more parts or stanzas of declaratory verses.



Originating from Africa the rumba is regarded as the dance of love and passion. This expressive and sensual dance emphasizes the emotional and physical connection between man and woman. Counted in 4/4 the rumba is a lyrical style slow dance.


-Paso Doble-

The Spanish Dance of the Bullfighter is an aggressive dance where the movement styles reflect those of a matador in conflict with his bull like opponent. The music is typically the same music played in bullfights during the bullfighters' entrance to the ring (paseo) or during the passes (faena) just before the kill.



Jive is of American origin heralding back to the Swing eras in early 20th century history. This dance is upbeat with lots of high energy movement and tricks and is danced in 6/8 rhythm pattern.


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~Standard/ Ballroom~


Believed to have been invented by vaudeville actor Harry Fox in 1914, Vernon and Irene Castle were responsible for popularizing this slow and ethereal style of dance, lending the dance it signature style and grace. Counted in a 4/4 time signature, the dances uses a contrasting mix of slows and quicks to create it dynamic and graceful flow.



The most traditional and historically significant dance of the ballroom dances. The waltz came to fruition in the royal courts of europe in the late 14 century. Considered to be a scandalous, and unrefined dance style as the women were frequently lifted on the air and showed their ankles. Today the waltz is considered to be the most refined and elegant of the ballroom dances. Counted in a 3/3 time signature the emphasis of rise and fall makes it appear as the dancers are floating.



Originating in the Brothels of Argentina during their depression, this passionate and sultry dance emphasizes close body contact between partners. The man attempts to look into the woman's eyes but she must always look away in order to maintain her mystery and sensual appeal. The dance contrasts both sharp and slow movements, counted in a 4/4 time frame.


-Vienesse Waltz-

Originating in Vienna, Austria this dance was originally outlawed for it's close dance position and it's quick pace that violated the norms of society at the time , the V-Waltz is distinguished by it's fast and constant rotations. Counted 1-2-3 for each beat of a 4/4 time signature.



Although English in origin this dance was influenced by the big band music from the western Americas. This dance gradually evolved into a very dynamic one with a lot of movement on the dance floor, with many advanced patterns including hops, runs, quick steps with a lot of momentum, and rotation. The tempo of Quickstep dance is rather brisk as it was developed to ragtime era jazz music which is fast-paced when compared to other dance music.

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        Shows like "Dancing with the Stars" and "So You Think You Can Dance" have sparked a new interest in ballroom dancing across the United States. Ballroom dancing is divided into two categories: Standard (Ballroom) and Latin. Each category has 5 internationally recognized styles:

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